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Photo with PORORO
CLIENT : Iconix  
Project Overview
“Taking Photos with Pororo Friends (TPPF)” invites children.
Our kids and Pororo friends can take pictures together so that they can make good memories.
There is an effect for children to pay attention to the sounds that Pororo friends make. (effect of concentration of children!)
Meet the TPPF application that induces good customs and makes it possible for education effects.

[Features of TPPF]
▶ Taking photos with Pororo friends ◀
- A photo can be taken with up to maximum 12 Pororo friends simultaneously.
- Possible to compose it onto the existing photo
- Total 9 filtering effects as well as movement/rotation/adjusting its size
- Photos that are taken are stored together at the library
▶ Provision of Total 11 Themes and 132 Pororo Friends Contents ◀
- Provision of 12 contents for each theme (The themes are constantly added.)
- Inducing reaction of children through diverse sound effects by contents (Doubled Fun, An Effect of Concentration)
- Educational contents inducing good customs for children

▶ Pororo friends are moving and seen in three dimensions ◀
- If a photo is taken with an animation character, it moves even in an album. (Fantastic Effect)
- I take a photo of a 3D character with rotating it in the desired direction.
▶ Possible to cut our kids’ photos directly and to take a photo of it ◀
- I can directly make a character and then take a photo of it.
▶ Sharing of Diverse SNS ◀
- Pororo TV, Kakao Talk, Kakao Story, Facebook, Tweeter
※ The TPPF is with Pororo TV.
Project Detail
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